Tonight was Devon's bridal shower (aka kinky bachelorette party!) There were tons of laughs and good times. For example: Devon's (white) mother buying her a thong, a beatles t-shirt, a glow stick, and glow in the dark converse was the highlight in my opinion. Also popping balloons with anything but our hands... balloons that contained the ingredients for a game of sex-charades.

Anyways, after the bridal shower my sister, Braeden, and I went to see Fast and the Furious 4. I can't take Vin Deisel seriously but this random side character named Gal Gadot really won me over. For the amount of Vatos in this movie, I don't know how this vogue-like character got stuck in the background! She really won my heart in a pair of studded skinnies and an Ed Hardy leather jacket. Oh yes, and she rocked a slick back ponytail the entire movie. Plus she didn't seem to ever wear a bra which I can totally relate to. SHE-IS-MY-NEW-IDOL!

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