I spotted these images on Absolutely Beautiful Things. She restored this chair, I will forever hunt at Goodwill and DI for a chair this marvelous, wish me luck :/

And I'm glad to see paisley coming back around. I think it is so darling, although I didn't used to. This headboard is gorgeous as well. I found one like it at an antique store in Phoenix.
So yesterday and today I watched General
Conference. I was so humbled by the talks of the Savior. I am constantly reminded of how small and insignificant I am. I'm also shown how far I am from where I want to be. But I feel energized and I have so many goals in sight! Isn't the Gospel wonderful? I feel so blessed to be a part of it.
The days are winding down, Braeden's call should be in the mail any day. I cherish every moment with him realizing his departure will come soon enough. I squeeze his hand a little tighter, hold his gaze a little longer. Sometimes I break into tears for no reason and he is so patient with me. He has really become an amazing priesthood holder and I look up to him so much. I have seen his mighty change of heart as he reads the Book of Mormon every day and has made small changes over time. He makes me want to be a better person and that is the kind of person I want to spend the rest of my life with. The 2 year countdown begins!


Joslyn Marie said...

good luck girl! you are awesome! a mission is so excitingggg!:)

Dallan and Ashley said...

Hey Nadia, I find your blog every so often, It's Ashley Cluff Schmidt, I just wanted you to know I know EXACTLY how you feel with Braeden getting ready to leave. It's hard but the so worth it. Dallan and I wrote every week for 2 years and our relationship grew to new levels. They are home before you know it. Stay busy you don't have to date if you don't want to but staying busy definitely helps. I still get teary thinking about when Dallan left and we've been married for over two years! Good luck with everything and tell Braeden hello, we had anatomy together last year. He seems like quite a guy.

katelines photography. said...

good luck you two.

(the shoot turned out SO good! we have some really fun ones.)