Live Long and Prosper

My friend Jameson invited Lindsey and I to join he and his family for the movie Star Trek. Before we could decline he enticed us with free movie tickets and a bag of jumbo sized boxes of candy. So we accepted the invite! Little did I know this hunk Chris Pine would be in the movie. If being completely in love with this man makes me a Trekkie, than yes... I am a Trekkie.

I found it quite routine that the deaf lady standing outside the theater convinced me to spend two entire dollars on a barbie pen, simply because she's deaf? Was she playing on my emotions? Then once inside the movie, we sat behind two other deaf people. They had these screens in front of them that provided them with Closed Captioning. I noticed about halfway through the movie that the deaf woman kept looking behind and glaring at me. Jameson and his family noticed this a few times and asked me why this woman was so upset. I had no idea. The ironic thing is that I took two years of Sign Language in high school. So once she realized I wasn't able to interepret her dirty glances she motioned to the deaf man next to her and signed some instructions to him. Then to my suprise, he gets up in the middle of the movie and yells on the top of his lungs for me to put my feet down. Apparently they were getting in the way of her Closed Captioning screen even though I was a few seats to the right of her. The entire theater turned to see why a deaf man was yelling in the middle of an intense scene. After I put my feet down and sunk into my chair I observed the deaf couple sign the words "stupid" "girl" and "B****"
The lesson here ladies and gentleman, don't mess with a deaf trekkie. Bad news bears.


Kate said...

Hahaha, who knew deaf trekies were so uptight!? Didn't you love the movie though? I thought it was cooler than sliced bread, and I hope they do a sequel.

m. estelle said...

i love you. this is hilarious.
i would have DIED.


*Tawny* said...

hes sexy!!!