the sun burns a hole
straight through your old flaws
if you look towards the sky
even on your greyest night
could you be happy now
with the wind in your hair
and your eyes open wide
and your feet going no where
That is On the Safest Ledge by copeland.
Any favorite song lines?
Do fill me in so I can look up some new music.


Mollybelle said...

love it.

hm. i have a few favorite lyrics. After a really bad break up I became obsessed with Rosie Thomas- Farewell. At the end she says

I never asked you for
a sailboat in the yard
a ceiling made of stars
a fancy dress to wear
All I got was just
this broken heart
from you.

Another favorite (sad) lyric is from Bright Eyes- Land locked blues... Im sure you know it.
When he says:
If you walk away I'll walk away
First tell me which road you will take
I don't want to risk our paths crossing some day
So you walk that way,
I'll walk this way.

I am always drawn to sad emo lyrics. Sorry. I do love happy ones as well. ahah

Caitlin said...

girl. regina spektors new album 'far' is to die for.

nadia shea said...

I'm drawn to the sad ones as well. I love you dear! Like you said I barely know you but I feel like we'd be such good friends.

kate lines said...

i agree. the new regina is soooo good.

m. estelle said...

ahem, i clicked "comment" just to tell you that i'm in love with regina, seems she's making so many happy-not just me!


favorite- "one more time with feeling"

Anonymous said...

So i am obsessed with this song called all for believing-missy higgins. the piano is amazing her voice...amazing. here are some of the lyrics. enjoy :]

Pull back the shield between us, and I’ll kiss you,
Drop your defences and come, into my arms.
I’m all for believing, I’m all for believing.

and i second with caitlin--regina spektor's new cd is good stuff