leave me out with the waste.

Yes it's nearly 3 am.
Yes I blog too much, I even annoy myself sometimes.
Tonight I saw the Joseph Smith movie at the visitors center,
Yes I saw it last night too.
But I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I love these random photos from around the blog world.
I rarely give credit where it's due.
Mostly because I don't know how to do it all professionally.
I always look at Desire to Inspire though.
I'm dying for a room makeover.
I'm wishing I had chosen a light airy blue for my walls, or a grey.
Not the grey/blue I chose (Robin bird blue I call it)
Although a lot of people like the grey/blue.
I never sleep anymore.
Too much, too soon.

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Mollybelle said...

Lady! I need your help. Do you know some good photogs in your area? Wedding stuff. I know about Stacie Lang, and I have put them on the list, but Its for Madi and I just want to give her all the good fun choices. (She doesnt do computer stuff very well) hahah.