10 things I hate about you

1.) I hate the way you squint and blush when you laugh

2.) I hate the way you are too smart for your own good

3.) I hate the way you eat healthy

4.) I hate the way you can run farther than me

5.) I hate the way you make up long stories about world events, or medical discoveries and when I ask "Is that true?!" You say "No, not at all. But I love you"

6.) I hate the way you aren't here

7.) I hate the way you show up unannounced

8.) I hate the way you always do the right thing

9.) I hate the way you make me laugh when I'm mad

10.) I hate the way I don't hate you, not even a little bit, not even at all.


Joslyn Marie said...

um. this almost made me cry girlfriend. you are so brave, hang in there.. you have forever:)!

Anonymous said...

awwwe nadia!!!! this is so sad but so beautiful. ya gatta let it out somewhere and whats not better then good old blogs? haha...
answer to your questions. yes, i did go to forever. and yes, that bridge is amazing. it was a good trip altogether.
I hope your doing good!! cheer up!!!

m. estelle said...

i'm in love with this list.

Anonymous said...

lets watch this movie real soon!

Dallan and Ashley said...

Love the list. I'm glad I know who you are talking about we were in Anatomy togethere and you're right he is way smart! I know how you feel stay busy!! it'll ALL be worth it in the end! How's he doing? You should post blerbs of his letters or something that would be cool. Let's get together sometime!

PhotosbyMillie said...

Aw Nadia, my heart goes out to you. I really think about you all the time.