never too poor for diet coke



=desired outfit for summer



= current outfit for summer

I don't care as long as I have

Job hunting continues. What is it about the heat that leaves me so unmotivated? Elder Cabrera wrote again yesterday. He's on bike! Serving in an area called Brighton. It sounds beautiful. Every movie/tvshow/commerical/conversation involves Denver all of a sudden. Coincidence I'm sure. Today I saw Harry Potter. Not only was it absolutely amazing, I really fell in love with seeing a movie in the morning. It was $5.00. Need I say more? I have my days, but summer 09' is alright I guess :]


m. estelle said...

oh nadia, your post made me grin.
it is your blog that is inspiring!
i am so happy about your missionary!


Binz said...

I believe you need a change. come live in provo! just try it! I miss your face mama