we both forget the breeze

I love Zoey Deschanel. She has a childlike quality about her, yet she is so timeless.

I love how this room refuses to stick to one style. It blends them all in a way that breaks every rule

Do you ever feel like you are the cause of your own unhappiness? For me my fear is so restricting. If I could ask for one virtue it would be bravery. The brave me would pack up and move somewhere. The brave me would take that job offer in hunnington. The brave me would love a little more.

What virtue do you seek?


Binz said...

Do it...packing up and moving to a random place was the best thing I ever did. Hawaii is honestly what saved my sanity. Everyone told me...dont do it, your problems will just follow you where you go. NOT TRUE. If it feels right, DO IT. Love you:)

Love Cami. said...

you need to see 500 day of summer.

PhotosbyMillie said...

I know I am a bit late on this post, but I would have told you to do it. These next 2 years will be so challenging, but I would take every opportunity to grow and expand in every way I could.
Maybe I just say this, because I can't just pick up an go, but maybe not...