Public Enemies. I've seen it twice and it was so interesting, haunting even. The woman that played Billie did such an incredible job. She was charming and vulnerable and Johnny Depp was talented as always. No surprises there. He is my favorite actor by far. And I am quite in love with him. Their love story was so uniqe. I love when movies surprise me, stretch my thinking, and are void of all cliche.

Today I've been thinking. So we go through trials for three main reasons. People make poor decisions that affect us. We make poor decisions, causing our own unhappiness. Or bad things just happen (I.E. natural disasters, death). But so often I believe we are the cause of our own sorrow. Whether it be laziness, lack of motivation, selfishness, anxiety, depression. We are afraid to fail so we do nothing. Maybe this is just me, I am often awestruck by the bravery of friends. The strength of mothers. The will of the weary. I want to push my feet forward, keep my chin up, keep holding the weight of the world. I just need to wake up and keep breathing in and out.


Willi Nixon said...

lady you are so great :) i'm grateful for the strength of people in my life, they push me to be stronger.

Kristin said...

If you published a book of poetry, I would buy it.