adj. Displaying a patronizingly superior attitude

I am such a clutz. Somehow I managed to lock my keys in my car, again, regardless of the fact that I have a keyless entry. I sometimes throw my car keys on the seat, and then on the way out of the car I hit the "lock" button on the door. Thus locking my keys in my car. This happened at Stacie's wedding... and again tonight at Circle K.
I had to wake up my dad because he has AAA. The convo went as follows
N: "Dad, I locked my keys in my car again.
D: "Nadia, how do you manage to lock your keys in your car, it's a keyless entry"
N: "Dad!! I left the keys on the seat and hit the lock button on the way out! Gosh you are so CONDESCENDING!"
D: "I had to ask because what if the AAA people wanted to know?"
N: "Are they really going to ask how this fiasco happened? Or did you just want to make fun of me"
D: "You are a mental case"
After I shouted the word... I had to look it up to make sure I got it right. And yup, I did. Yessss. I am fully aware of how stupid my actions were, but he asked me a stupid question. Growing up, whenever there was shouting and contention my parents would start singing the hymn "Love at home." I can still hear them harmonize "love at home, love at home, there is one who smiles on high when there's love at home." Well folks, he isn't smiling on high tonight!

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Taylor and Amanda Lines said...

nadia i am done blogstalking you without making a comment! you always make me laugh! and i just love your blog. the end.