To my sister Brittany

This post is to my sister Brittany:
So a little background. My sister Brittany and her husband Jeremy just bought their first home. It is ADORABLE. From the outside looks like shabby chic kind of home. White shutters. The past month the house has been worked on. They had the walls painted grey inside. They hare having wood floors put in. They are doing open shelving in the kitchen. Her style is Shabby Chic meets antique/vintage. His style is modern with bold colors. Like any healthy couple decorating a new house, there is conflict. They both have impecible taste, but it's different. They want to decorate the boys room nautical themed. They both agree that they LOVE red. I am posting them to get inspired on a compromise :] Love you brumetts! The last photo is a little bit nautical?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the bathroom Me encanto el bano!!

kate lines said...

brittany just did my hair last night. (she is SO amazing by the way, she did exactly what i wanted!) i cannot wait to see her house, everything she told me sounds so, so great.