21 and so much fun.

So this friday happens to be my 21st BDAY! Tamran convinced me it would be a really good idea to go to Viva Las Vegas. Keep in mind, I've already gone twice this year... but this should be the best trip yet.

I am excited to play rulette and not get kicked out! I'm going to be brave, and like Tamran always says "put it all on black!"
Tamran also convinced me it would be a really good idea to try this dress on. So I did. Let me tell you, we haven't laughed that hard in years. Let's just say this is NOT the dress of choice. But we will be clubbing, and we have to do this thing right!


Willi Nixon said...

thats going to be so funnn girl, hope you come out on top on your special day :)

*Tawny* said...

Happppy early bday being you will be out of town! Have fun in Vegas :)

Missed yah at Tamrans on Sunday!

megs said...

HAPPY [almost] BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL GIRL!!! i hope vegas is bomb! you deserve it!!!

Anonymous said...

you guys are going to have soo much fun!

anndd lets still go see time travelers wife at 12am on your bday!!! then we'll celebrate before you leave!!

*Tawny* said...

ps.. i forgot to tell you to PLAY CRAPS WHEN YOU GO TO VEGAS! soooooo funnnnnnnn! You get to play with lots of people like roulette to and its easy to learn and they are all more than willing to teach!! SO SO FUN! if you havent ever played it than you should play it, craps and roulette are my favvsss! The 2 they dont have in any AZ casionos!

Jenna said...

Happy Birthday! I love you and miss you and have fun in Vegoose!