So I am 21! I have countless wonderful moments and memories in just a few days. To recap I'd say a 3 course meal at Oreganos paid for by our waiter, I won $3 at Casino AZ, Vegas, Tattoos (not me, but a friend or two of mine did), exclusive club on top of Mandalay Bay, laughs, tears, broken hearts, memories, longing, wouldn't change a thing.
Something about a birthday without Elder Cabrera gives me butterflies, sadness, joy, independence, and my love for him grows every day.
I think a lot about "the wall"
The wall he built up over the years as people hurt him and broke his trust. I think of the 5 years I spent trying to chip away at that wall. The triumphs we shared. The hills we climbed. The times where I fell down and he picked me up. The times where I carried him along. I think of how much we are both growing and how in 22 months we will be stronger, happier, and even more prepared to love each other forever. This is my hope at least.
Anyways.... thanks to everyone who contributed to a wonderful birthday! I consider my friends to be blessings from God. I love you girls.


kate lines said...

happy birthday nadia! you words are so beautiful.

(i can't wait for you to see my latest wedding. it was so fresh!)

kate lines said...

also, i am watching my twin cousins this week, (1 1/2) and i am thinking about taking them this saturday and hitting a bunch of goodwills for 1/2 off. you in? i could come pick you up!

let me know.... :)

*Tawny* said...

happppy late bday! You got a EARLY b day wish and a late, not on time! MY BAD!
Hope you had a blast in Vegas, Im sure i will be hearing lots more stories about that trip... Esp the tattoo part, I better! haha

$3 bucks richer than you were before! eh! Every dollar counts haha

*Tawny* said...

ps.. i know there were pics taken so why arent there ne on here.

Anonymous said...

i know im super emotional these days with trials im dealing with on my own but that was so precious! i woulda cried if i wasnt on vacation right now and my family wasnt around