Dear Blog world,
If you follow my blog you know my story. You know I have a lot of spare time now that I am unemployed and my boytoy is serving in Colorado.
That being said... I am going to offer myself to you (in a non-prostitute kind of way)
My skills are as follows and are not limited to:
Laser Technician
Expert thrifter
Interior Design
Make-up artist
Wedding Planner
Cleaning, organizing, ironing, color coordinating, and dry cleaning
Event coordinator
Modeling (Haha, mostly for up and coming photographers)
If you think any of my skills would help you in your profession, CALL ME! I will work for free. I am looking for some sort of internship so I can gain experience. I'm hoping to find someone that is involved in weddings, interior design, even photography that needs an extra hand. This could be a one time thing or a weekly thing! Give me a try! I work hard and I'm chipper. I'll even bring paradise chippers if necessary.
(No this is not a joke)


Mollybelle said...

If I were a woman of talent, I'd be ALL over having Nadia as my apprentice!!! You are adorable!

Kayla Roussel said...

i love you nadia!!!

Brown Sugar said...

okay, first you can help me paint my front room for free and in return I will give you the dets on how to get an internship doing the display's at Anthropologie. Yes?

alright you don't have to paint my house, just go in and ask for an application for the Visual Intern(I would do it at Scottsdale, better display) it is unpaid and you have to be doing it for some kind of school credit, but I think it would be easy to be fraudulent about that if you are not in school.

PhotosbyMillie said...

Um you can help me clean my room?

Actually, you are going to be my rockin model, and I can't wait!

Stephanie said...

hahahhaa i love you for this.
in no way do i think your joking.
i wish i could help you out but i need help myself!!! haha

kate lines photography. said...

lets do another shoot! puh-lease.

*Tawny* said...

hahahahhaha freaking nadia! You make you laugh.
"im not kidding either" haha i like how you had to state that so everyone knew!

wish i could help yah out!

Tahnee said...

you are gorgeous! seriously!!!