Elder Cabrera

Someone suggested that I post an insert from one of Elder Cabrera's letters so here it goes!

"I was recently riding my bike home one evening, coming down a good sized hill that provided an uninterupted view of the Rockies and the foothills. It was sunset and the glow of orange and pink and red illuminated the Rockies while at the same time clouds were gathered above them and the Creator's colors pierced their grey as lightning transcended across the sky. How could I look on this sight and not confess the hand of a Supreme Bieng in creation? My soul burned and my mind turned to the hymn "How Great Thou Art" which coincidentally we sang this week in sacrament meeting :] Sometimes I wonder if I could squeeze any more joy into my soul. Though days are hard and the work is challenging, there are days that shine so bright as to dispell any previous memory of discouragement."

I can't imagine serving the Lord in the way that he does. He devotes himself to the work in a way that is so selfless. I feel so honored to know him. Any ideas of what to send him in a package? He's in Colorado. I'm open to suggestions!


Malia said...

Cookies tend to crumble, but if you do send some, pack them tight and undercook them a bit.

I used to send silly stuff from the dollar store, like mini basketball hoops with balls to put on their wall, water guns...the elders find random things to do with it in their free time :]

Happy sending

Mollybelle said...

He should be a writer! What beautiful words! It is obvious that he is an amazing missionary already! Hmm. I sent a package to my friend, Elder Bird-- who I MUST marry because his last name is Bird-- yesterday. It was pretty dumb though. I just sent a picture of Madi and I at the wedding (he was good friends with both of us) two letters (one had been returned to me because the address didn't work) candy, a funny tie pin that I bought for 2.00 that says, "May I recommend a good book..." and a little bracelet I made out of embroidery thread (the kind you made when you were 10) I'm not even sure if he will be able to wear it. I also sent candy of course, and a stamp book! I'm not sure what you are looking for specifically, but Deseret Book has wonderful stuff to send missionaries. I am assuming though that you have Deseret Book in AZ.
Well, do let me know what ideas you come up with! I am always wanting to send fun unique things that the other elders will be so jealous of. hahah.

stacie and geoffrey... said...

I sent Geoff a lot of bottles of orange crush. and gold fish. anything orange, I guess.

PhotosbyMillie said...

Oh Nadia, that was so wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

Maybe he needs a good coat....or just some chocolate to warm his soul this winter.

Kristin said...

For one of the missionaries I sent out (yes... there was more than one...), I pre-addressed and pre-stmaped a bunch of envelopes for him to send out. That way he never had to buy stamps or look up addresses.

I have a post request for you, actually! I need some fall fashion ideas. Hair and clothes. Accessible stuff. Whenever you get around to it. :)

Miss MyKelle J said...

you could send him a little baby cactus... we have none here in Colorado.

Miss MyKelle J said...

maybe a homemade scarf. its gonna be getting COLD soon. :)