I have my days and my moments but overall life is beautiful.

I feel myself blossoming into the person he always knew I could be. There's always brief moments of loneliness and sadness. But my love grows and most of the time I find myself smiling at old photographs, and all the footprints he left in this town. Sometimes I think I should move away from all of these memories, yet deep down I know I can't escape them. I'll always run to the mailbox around noon with the hopes of a handwritten letter. My eyes will still well up when I hear the Beatles. For a while, Mango's just won't taste as good. I miss texts saying "goodnight ms. Shea" and "goodmorning legs." In the absence of a literal shoulder to cry on I find myself on my knees in prayer finding peace from a better source.

Isn't it wonderful how no matter how hard we fall, or how far we stray there is always a way back? There are no bounds to forgiveness. In the perils of dark there is always a light of hope and a facet of strength to rise.

For this I am grateful. For this I am happy. Truly happy.


Joslyn Marie said...

i'm so proud of you girl. here comes the sun, it always comes:)

Kaitlyn Williams said...

Nadia! I love that post, amazing!

kate lines said...

i love your prose.