Hey, it's been a while.
Can I make the most random post EVER?
K thanks.
I don't know what it is lately, but my friends and I have been having deep conversations every night. We tend to just sit around and talk. We talk about politics, relationships, religion, nicholas cage and how we hate him, gossip, fashion, you name it.
Today my mom and I talked for two hours. Oh how lovely it is to have her in my life again. She always has the perfect things to say. She and I talked about how we can be our own worst enemies. The inner-dialogue on a day to day basis can be brutal. I told her I say mean things in my head, things no one would ever say to me. I think it's Satans way of trying to hinder progression.
Tonight I was watching Pretty Woman, one of my favorites. In the film, Vivian said: "the mean things are easier to believe."
I think that's true, compliments are difficult to accept, but insults, we hang on to those.
On Sunday I watched General Conference with my family. I have never enjoyed Conference like I did this time. I was actually sad when it was over. I particularly enjoyed Elder Holland's talk and Elder Christopherson. My dad and I had a long discussion about how if the Government was organized like the Church is organized, maybe we'd be in better shape as a country. I was joking that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir should line up inbetween Iraq and Iran and sing "Come Thou Fount"
I think all war would cease immediately...
This economy makes me sad. Today a friend told me how she was in management for an International company. After she was laid off she tried for months to find work. In desperation, she applied for a seasonal position at Target. They wouldn't hire her...
Things seem really screwed up. We spend billions of dollars on war, while every country suffers financially and we go further and further into debt. So if we had world peace, we could all just keep our money and circulate it back into the economy? I am the first to admit I don't know much about politics or war but I think simply, and I am naive. Things just don't make much sense.
I wish my love for beautiful things and blogging could be lucrative! But that's just silly.
ps: Welcome to the blog world DAN STRIEBY!


Mollybelle said...

Dan Striebly is a blogger?!

I loved this post.
I don't think you are naive or uneducated in politics. I always ask myself, who is really "educated". Probably very few. Every book you will read, every story on CNN, every politicians campaign, they are all so right winged or left winged. It's so hard to learn the facts, and what's really going on.
I get frustrated with these same things.
And I think it is so true that our inner dialogue is what brings us down the very most.
Love you. Love your blog.
I NEVER give picture credits..... eek.

{megs in wonderland} said...

I am all about the peace too girl. I like this post. And who really knows anything about politics= no one anymore! :)

Adam said...

Awwww Nadz...my sweet and beautiful baby girl. I love you so much. I love your Blog. I am always amazed at how talented and alive you are. Tell yourself wonderful things today! You are a rockstar.....Can I be just like you when I grow up? :0) Love you, Mama

Adam said...

Oh ya, and I am on Adams e-mail :)