how about some...

random photos that made me happy
(I am terrible about giving credit but I know I stole these from Little Green Notebook, and Daydream Lily, and a few more....)


Amber said...

Dear Nadia, How are you??? It's been far too long since we've seen each other. Those gold rings are making me swoon they're so gorgeous. Where can i find them?
amber petersen

*Tawny* said...

Thank you darlin, even tho i look gross in all those pics!

I will be seeing u Sat long as im not out of town! We wanna go camping but that actually happenin in realty im not so sure? haha

Blair and Katie said...

Hey Nadia I feel like I'm going to quote Amber's comment. I hope all is going well. Try to look at the positive in yourself because I know there is a lot of it! I agree though that it's hard not to be your worst critic. I loved conference too-now can't wait to read the talks when they come out! It's so nice to know we have a living prophet. Good luck with life! :)