I like this photo.
If I ever get well I am going to start running more. I will work hard. I will read more books. I promise I promise. I'll be grateful for my health. Day 3 of being bed-ridden. I'm probably going a little crazy. I'd rather have the swine flu than to have this mystery bronchitus/flu/cold/cough that the doctor "doesn't quite know how to diagnose"


Mama said...

Nadia you wished yourself the swine flu and look what happened!!!??? My poor daughter. Hang in honey, I love ya! Water, water, and more water! Love, Mama

*Tawny* said...

YOU GOT SWINE? Im sorry that stinks... Dont come near me, not to be mean but i dont wanna get the shot and i dont wanna get sick.

Hope yah start to feel better girl, half my family has had the flu in the past month. CRAZAAAYYA!

Feel better!

she has a story to tell. said...

Nadia, I hope that you feel better asap!

It's no fun being sick AT ALL.


kate lines photography. said...

do you have the cutest nephews ever? um yes, i do believe so. (photo blog, photo blog, photo blog!)

-i am so sorry your sick. nothing is worse, i hope while i'm typing this your feeling better.