all that I know is I'm breathing.

We love Drive-Ins! That second shot was clearly a candid. I can't say enough how lovely my friends are.
Tamran for her contagious personality, the light around her constantly, and the way she brings everyone together. For her spotinaety, her diet sodas, and for making childlike things acceptable such as Nintendo DS and Miley Cyrus. Alexa for a giggle that could stop a war, and for her energy, and her bright smile. Lex for her sugar-free desserts and unfailing passion for people and life. Kevin for showing us beautiful films and songs and delicious meals. And also for his styling advice. Oh, and how he serves everyone constantly. Oh and for his epic beard. Aubrey for her genuine love for everyone around her and for her countless talents. Thrifty, inventive, fabulous. One of the kindest hearts I've seen. Marshall for the way he loves Aubrey, the way he plays instruments for us at Family Night, and the kindness he shares with us. Rick for his sweet testimony, gentle manner, and respect for the women of the house :] Robbie for his humor, his roaring belly-laugh, ever-changing style, and his new 40 pounds of pure muscle. Rob for his intelligence, unique insights, Kava Night conversation topics for hours! Jenna for more reasons than I can list. I love Jenna for her service, her consistency through the years as the "one friend I can call no matter what time of day/night," for her crafts, her desserts, her light, her spirit, and most importantly her example in the Gospel. Stacie for being so true to herself. For making me laugh until I cry/and or pee for the past 6/7 years I have known her. For getting perms, dying her hair blonde, wearing heelies, for her life documentary, for her cholla get-up, for her laugh, her smile, her talents, her photography, videography, and everything she is to me! Dan for being hilarious, and secretly kind, and for his brave conversion to the church. For always making me expand my horizons by camping, and wakeboarding, and going to Butcher Jones. For always being a perfect friend to me. Brady for bieng the outdoorsy texan he is. For always carrying a gun, cruising in his flat-black jeep, for having a motorcycle, for hunting, having great flannels, and for instantly becoming one of my best friends last April. For introducing me to Pandora. I love you Brady even though we fight like twins.


Katie said...

I just wanted to let you know I love your hair and you looked super cute in your new jacket!

*Tawny* said...

haha the 2nd picture looks like you are wearing a black leather jacket and black leggings, thats it! hahaha gave me a good laugh, good thing the first one shows u are wearin somethin under ha

ps. which one is loren B gf.. any of the ones in the pic?

stacie and geoffrey... said...

Love that you just tagged me with, "true to myself". I feel more like Jennifer Lopez than ever before.

Jenna said...

oh girl, you know i love you!