tis the season

Dear Walgreens cashier,
When I stumbled into Walgreens this morning with my hair in a bun wearing a hoodie no bra and set this stuff on the counter, you advised me to take a few shots of Tequila and take a hot shower. Were you hitting on me? Was that a joke? Maybe they will promote you to pharmacist very soon.


Mollybelle said...

I love this.
I kid you not, I spent Thursday (in public as well) with my hair in a mess, and going bra-less with a hoodie...
not going to lie.
it felt liberating.
I hate this part of this season.
Getting sick ruins EVERYTHING.

*Tawny* said...

Def hitting on you! hahaha

Kristin said...
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Kristin said...

It IS the season. I just got over being sick for a week. MOST IMPORTANT THING: Drink water, and get sleep. Whatever that means: Nyquil, benadryl, vicks smeared under the nose so you can actually lay down on less than three pillows without snorting and things... sleep, girl.

Grami Tami said...

Oh baby girl......please feel better! That blessing should help huh? I love you, Mama