The Fantastic Mr. Fox

For Kevin's birthday a big group of us went to Oreganos for delicious pizza and then we ventured to the movies to see the stop-motion film The Fantastic Mr. Fox. This was like no film I have ever seen! Wes Anderson (who also directed the Darjeeling Limited) directed this film. It was so adult friendly that I almost forgot it was a childrens film. But I can also see any child loving it and adoring it. Yes Aubrey and I cried a little! No shame. It was hilarious that in the script they replaced any cuss word with the word "cuss" haha. For example: "where the cuss are you?"


Caitlin said...

this was my fave book when i was little (ok, it still is) i'm so excited to see the film!!

my name is lauren. said...

i really really anted to see this last night, but we ended up seeing something else. maybe next time..... i love me some wes anderson & i love that they replaced cuss words with "cuss" :).

Johanna said...

I loved it! So cute. I loved the dialogue. And that little badger wearing the skeleton jammies! Haha!