darjeeling limited and reverie gowns {♥}

gone are the days of flashy Christmas presents. It's a recession and let's not pretend we are all rich. This little smore package could make me just as happy as some fancy gift.
I swore I wouldn't blog about Twilight, but I do love the films and books. I really love this Polariod. After seeing her in Adventureland I just see her as more of a chill pot-smoker than as Bella. It seemed a more fitting character for her.

I know I am ridiculous in that I love weddings and gowns, but I always have. I saw the Melissa Sweet 2009 spring collection on one of the blogs I follow and fell absolutely in love. This line is called reverie which is coincidentally one of my favorite words! It means daydreaming or musing. I love how the gowns transition from Jackie O to T-length 50's style to greecian goddess. She really captured the ideal ivory colored fabric.

Last night we watched the darjeeling limited. How beautiful is this movie? I love the coloring and cinematography. I love the dynamic between the brothers and how sharply they dress. And I knew pretty quickly that the soundtrack was going to be impressive. And how can you hate any movie when the room is freezing cold and you have tons of blankets and you're wearing a grungy old t-shirt drinking cider and eating leftover caramel corn? Try it sometime. Even the crappiest movies will seem lovely I'm sure.


sarah ann said...

okay how funny, i just saved that picture of edward and bella just a couple days okay. mmm.

okay hi? that smore idea is adorable.

& those dresses. ahh!


Kevin Bingham said...

that is a not a grungy old tee shirt its quite nice

Sara Christine said...

Okay so I have a teensy Robert Pattinson crush, which is shameful because I am more than a decade past the age of 14...that being said: LOVE THIS POLAROID! Though it would look so much better with me in it. ;)