in this moment I am happy {♥}

my make-up jobs this week were so wonderful. I was able to accentuate the lovely facial features of my clients. It's fun to coordinate bold colors with their outfits. The most rewarding thing is the look on their face when I turn the mirror towards their face and a genuine smile emerges. When the beauty that I see is apparent to them. In that moment I am fulfilled.

This week my services are on sale!

$35/person. I do lashes! I also include styling services. Often times a client has great pieces and doesn't quite know how to coordinate them. That's where I come in. I am also willing to attend the shoot and help touch up make-up and hair. Think engagements, family photos, etc. I'm your girl!

REFER A FRIEND! I have discounts there too.


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sarah ann said...

Nadia, seriously thank you for doing my make up, and my moms also! We love you.

Um hiii there is you and kevin down there from the last post. Adore.

Seriously, Jacob is hot....but hello EDWARD is hotter, hottest, more hot? Plus he has the gift of romance. Get it right people!