I love when long days end this way {♥}

No shave November
Madonna, a classic.

my attempt at a creepy shot

good jams on the geetar

group creepiness, achieved!

Yesterday was quite the long day. I woke up and did makeup for my lovely friend Aubrey who was later having her engagement photos done. I rushed over to my friend Sarah's house to do her and her mom's makeup for their family pictures. From there I rushed back to Aubreys engagement shoot to try and help create poses and to constantly fix her hair (to her complete and utter annoyance). And then we went to dinner and Walmart for the essentials. And then we took these pictures until the wee hours of morning. What a lovely day. I love days like that.

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kate lines said...


i totally knew him like 3 years ago. random. his dad told me i looked like trouble.