makeshift apparel

clothes I wore into the shoot, a shot just for fun.

This is Amanda Wesselman. The genious behind Makeshift Apparel! Seriously, her clothes are amazing. Betsey Johnson meets Betty Page with a circus twist. Her clothes are really inventive. She made a dress out of little boy dinosaur fabric! She is probably 5 feet tall and the tiniest little thing you've ever seen. We go back to elementary school. Her tattoos will be featured in several tattoo magezines in December. I'm so proud of her. And better yet I got to model in her clothes today! She told me that models often steal her clothes. I can't blame them!! She had to pry a little mini dress off of me. The photographer is Tate and he is really talented. My first shoot in a studio! He just shot Fall Out Boy pretty recently. Amanda is selling her clothes on ETSY and is based out of California now. I will post my shoot asap!

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