pictures {as promised}

Here are the photos from my shoot for MakeShift Apparel. This shoot was done so that the designer could sell these items on ETSY. For real, I may buy the second outfit. It's two pieces, kind of pin-up. I just want to be Rachel McAdams from the Notebook? It's a long shot but maybe this lovely outfit is the start.

OH! And I am shooting with him again this Friday. I need a distraction from all the holiday sales.
makeshift.storenvy.com {♥}


CupcakeSniper said...

wow. You are absolutely gorgeous. Like a breathe taking gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

yvette looks so fierce! it is about time one of those tenneys started to model!!!

Chelsey said...

Nadia you look amazing in these photos!! And the outfits are incredible too <3

sarah ann said...


AUBREEZE said...


lets make our goals this month to buy one kickask dress like that one. and secondly, to make rob wick almost tear up with festive cheer again.

Mandy said...

Ooh I love. You are so pretty.
And I love that striped dress!