late night blogging and vintage florals {♥}

As I've spent every day in the lovely home in Downtown Mesa I don't know that I would ever enjoy a new home as much. I love the smell of the paint and dust and the big windows and the orange trees. I love the creaky floorboards and funny little closets. I love the little flaws of the home like the leaky faucet and the twitchy lights. I love ANY excuse for vintage floral patterns and antique dishes.
I am so excited for the rest of this week. Kevin's birthday tomorrow, thanksgiving on Thursday, photo shoot friday, and much much more. All the while Christmas candles burning, caramel corn, windows down, hoodies, and all nighters.
life is so beautiful, it's like I wasn't living.


PhotosbyMillie said...

You just made me excited for the Holidays :)

Mollybelle said...

oh nadia.
your post just made me realize, how lovely my family home is.
Sometimes I forget that beauty comes in so many ways.
Yes, expensive pottery barn and ethan allen and anthro decor is beautiful... but there is something beautiful about this old country home I live in, with all of my mother's dusty heirlooms, our shabby old carpet, and the beautiful light that seeps through every window.
You have a beautiful mind.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Here here daughter! Yes. A beautiful mind. Oh how I love you, Momma.

Daydream Lily said...

whoa this image is just gorgeous...do you know who the photographer is?

Daydream Lily said...

is it one of your own? wow you have some lovely things posted here!!

im spending lots of time going through your posts :)