Pictures, finally. {♥}

remember our 80's party? Farewell Power House!
No man loves his dog more than Bert. Doesn't Rockie look just like him? We will miss you Rockie. A large sacrifice to make to move into the lovely house in Downtown Mesa that doesn't allow pets :[

Me and Jonny, my dance partner for the night. We groove to 80's quite well.

My mom's wedding! I made her a little "forever" banner at her request which is unfortunately MUCH cuter in person. I swear.

Our photographer for the evening.

Step Brothers? So weird! But a lovely family nonetheless. My mom was such a princess on her big day! I love her. And if you don't know, the other chikas are my 2 sisters.


the girlie girls.

me and lovely sarah. You should check her blog for real, this girl is only a sophomore and she's already a pro blogger/crafter/photographer. I aspire to be like her when I grow up!

I also decided to make a jar where family and friends could offer words of wisdom for the newlyweds.

My mom is lucky she has an aesthetician and cosmetologist for daughters. We love to beautify. We are a little harsh though... "MOM, FEATHERED HAIR IS IN AND BACK-COMBING IS NOT NECESSARY!" We nearly made the poor woman cry. Truth is she is beautiful with whatever hair she wants.
-tomorrow I intend to go to New Moon at 10 am, get breakfast in Downtown Mesa, and paint away at the boys new home! Lovely day ahead, need sleep.


sarah ann said...

Mmm yupp, you and Kevin are the cutest couple on earth I've decided.

The shower and the wedding was all so lovely. I love spending time with all of you!

So, I just got back from New Moon. Oh Edwarddddd. How did you like it?


Matt and Heather said...

Hey.. I went to school with Lucas Kirkland!!! I knew his dad was getting married but... Small world!
Tell him "hi" for me :)