Sneak Peak

Kind of a birthday inspired photo shoot. I'm not really sure. Shot by Stacie Lang. Scotty Kirby also shot this shoot. More to come. Some outrageous shots of me in my peacoat, I look like Cruella Deville and I love it. Vampire-ish as always. This wall really was purple, downtown Mesa is always fun. Construction workers whistling. Pedestrians taking photos. I guess I just love attention? Eww.


kate lines photography. said...

love it.

suddenly can't wait for tomorrow. you must do something with your mad skills.

Vogels said...

Your blog is so unique, I saw it for the first time a couple days ago. O and I hate you, your so photogenic it's nauseating...in a good way :)

Willi Nixon said...

you look stunning my friend

way to go :)

The Huffakers said...

Hi, I know it's random but I like your blog. You are super cute, have creative taste, and a unique sense of style. I couldn't help but read about your missionary. If you need any one to talk about it... been there. I know you don't know me but it helps to talk to someone who has been there. I promise I'm not creepy.