P 2 Scotty Kirby [the girl behind the blog]

remember this yellow door?


literally sleepy

concrete jungle, I tried to appear animalistic on this one. ready to prowel. mufassa.

Okay so I'll just go ahead and confess my OCD that manifested itself in this shoot. I put together the entire outfit, purchased props, chose location, did my makeup and hair, even had the nerve to choose poses and boss the photographers around. since when did I start to out-diva Beyonce? I don't know but I'm happy with the pictures this time. But I must give 110% credit to the lovely photographers. They were patient with me as I knew they would be. I hope it brings some attention to their outstanding worth ethic and talent. Scotty spent his 1 day off shooting this. And Stacie shot this inbetween two other shoots. And she's pregnant.

-I must shoutout to everyone right now. I have opened up to so many people, strangers even. And I have had an outpouring of love, council, prayers, smiles, notes, messages, texts, letters, flowers, service, and kindness. I am so undeserving of the people in my life right now. I want to be everything you say I am.


AUBREEZE said...

daaaang. when i saw you at circle K i did not know this is what you had been up to earlier.

stacie is good i feel even better about my already good decision.

scott is great too.

and you da best witcher little beyonce attitude strutting around.

nadia shea said...

oh no, confession. I wore that outfit to meet kev's parents. And repeated it at the shoot. Shameful.

Joslyn Marie said...

{you are SO pretty nadia.}

i loove your style


stacie and geoffrey... said...

You weren't bossy at all girl! I'm loving the peacoat ones, wish I could have stayed longer!

Mandy said...

You are so cool!

Ashley said...

you are so pretty girl! awesome pics :)

Mallory & Tim said...

I just started reading your blog! And I love it! Your pictures are amazingly beautiful! I am actually having Stacie take my pics tomorrow! I wish my makeup could look as good as yours! Stunning!