Tonight I get to eat at The Vig! Sweet potato fries will soon be mine. I am so excited to try this place. Working in Phoenix is the best, I hear about the cutest little places. Then I get to see Lovely Bones! I hope she is as spectacular in this as she is in Atonement. Tomorrow I work 4 hours, and I have 2 photo shoots. Fun fun!


angela hardison said...

mmm the vig is yummy.

i love working in scottsdale, because i'm so close to so many yummy things for lunch (in phx and in scottsdale).

if you haven't yet, you should try bertha's for lunch. the food is delicious. http://www.berthascafe.com/

AUBREEZE said...

i'm ready for us to decorate my newlywed house.

i'm soooo excited.