You will love the posts from Joanna of {simple blueprint} I know I did.
I excitedly added her to my "lovelies who inspire" list.
My shoots on Saturday went so well. I am thrilled. I had hair and makeup done before work. I worked 4 hours and rushed to my first shoot, and then rushed to my second. I really enjoy these shoots, creating art. Otherwise I'd never be able to muster up the energy and fit it in. It's amazing the sacrifices you will make when you are truly passionate about something.
My first shoot as I said was Audrey Hepburn inspired. The photographer is named Jonathan Puente, and he was shy but so talented. My favorite shots were simple, black and white portraits.
After that shoot I rushed to downtown Phx to meet up with Alexandra Gibbs. She and I have been dying to collaborate for a while. Because she lives 14 hours a way it hasn't been working. We found the most amazing art gallery to shoot at. There was tons of grafitti and bright colored walls. There were even random props to use such as antique couches and an old stove. This may just be one of my favorite shoots to date. I can't wait to post pictures. I have done 4 shoots this past month and I've yet to see any of the pictures! One day I'll just blast the blog world with tons of them.

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joanna of simple blueprint said...

thank you! very sweet of you and thank you for linking back to me.