I cannot wait to see the new Alice in Wonderland. Tim Burton meets Johnny Depp? Count me in.
PS: Thank you to everyone who left me such sweet and inspiring notes. I was brought to tears at all the wonderful insights you shared with me. I am often astounded by the support group that surrounds me. My heart is so full.


Kayla Roussel said...

I'm sooo excited for Alice in wonderland and its based on the original book by Lewis Carroll not the Disney version!!!!

Ps did you know johnny depp has done 7 other movies of Tim Burtons? I love them!!

***also are you coming to bunco next Tuesday?! It's essay fun you should come you can bring someone if you want!! Come!!!

Anonymous said...

I must sheepishly come back and apologize not only to you but to your friends who so obviously love you. They are right, I have never met you, only seen your blog. I posted annonymously because I don't have a blog to sign in with, but I will remain anonymus to save what's left of my dignity. I am sorry for the accusations I made about you. THey are obviously untrue and even if they weren't your right it's not my place to judge. I have a brother who left the church because he felt everyone in it was a hypocrite. It breaks my heart every day to see members of the church being bad examples of what we believe. But I guess my judgemental behaviour is no different and for that I am sorry. You are right, no one is perfect and clearly I am not either. You are lucky to have friends who love you so much and I am sorry for any pain or hurt I may have caused. It doesn't feel so good to be on the receving end of negative comments. Especially not 33 of them. Lesson learned.

nadia shea said...

Dear anonymous:

So sorry that this whole thing got out of hand. I didn't even realize I had 33 friends, let alone 33 people that look at my blog. Goes to show me that people are watching, and I DO need to be an example! Most of the photo's in my immodest outfits are really outdated. I try to be better lately for the most part. It's all irrelevant now. I didn't mean to expose you or humiliate you, even though I guess I don't know you. Just as I now know your intentions weren't to humiliate me. No hard feelings! I am so hard on myself, and I am trying to be a better Disciple of Christ. I do occasionally need reminders that members, and non-members are watching and that I do need to be a good example. So sorry to hear about your brother, I hope someday he can come to realize that people are imperfect but the Gospel is PERFECT!