Do and Don't

Hey blog friends,

I decided to write an article on the Do's and Dont's of attending an appointment. I have been an Esthetician and Laser Technician for nearly four years. I have worked in several doctor's offices. The time has come for me to share some tips with you. These instructions are applicable to almost any appointment whether it be dentist, doctor, laser, esthetic, hair, etc. My clients are guilty of these offenses. I cannot remain silent any longer!


-Leave the house early! If this is your first time going to an appointment, you need time to locate the building and fill out paperwork. It is almost always appropriate to arrive 15 minutes early. Factor in time to get lost, hit traffic, get pulled over, etc. It happens! What most clients/patients do not understand is how the schedule works. For example, often times I treat 30-40 clients a day. When a client arrives 5-10 minutes late, I run behind for the duration of the day. That could potentially mean 30-40 upset clients because one client was not on time. If you are running late, CALL. If they are unable to accommodate your tardiness, be understanding.

-Prepare properly for treatment. When the office staff calls you to confirm your appointment this is an opportune time to ask any questions. Often times there are several steps to properly prepare for the appointment. If you are not prepared it often adds time to the appointment which was not accounted for.

-Vocalize ANY medical history changes. New medications, illnesses, surgeries, new diets, etc. It may interfere with the treatment/ procedure in a serious way.

-Did you purchase a groupon? READ THE FINE PRINT. Make sure you fully understand what you are purchasing before you buy. If you do not read the fine print, often times you will be gravely disappointed. Call and ask questions before you buy, the business is responsible for helping you make an educated purchase. Do not expect more than you paid for. You got a smoking deal!

-TRUST the person running your appointment. They went to school and spent a lot of money to become educated on the service they are offering you. They are the expert. Ask them questions. Follow their instructions carefully. If a client does not follow instructions, it is highly likely they would be held liable for any complications post treatment.

-BE FRIENDLY! One grumpy client can throw off the mood of the entire office. A friendly client can also alter the mood of the entire office. Your mood is more powerful than you realize.
-If you are happy with your service, talk about it! Tell the office manager or customer service center. You may be responsible for somebody getting a raise, higher commission, or increased hours. Tell your family and friends. Word of mouth will keep your favorite business in business!

-If you are unhappy with your service, tell the office manager or customer service center. Feedback is ALWAYS appreciated when communicated appropriately.

-Take note of post treatment/appointment reactions whether they be negative or positive. This information is very useful.


-Come to an appointment sick! Unless you are actually going to the doctor for medical attention, do not under any circumstances show up to an appointment sick. I cannot tell you how many times clients/patients come in coughing and sneezing. If you are afraid of paying the cancellation fee, simply make the office staff aware of your illness upon cancellation and they will gladly reschedule you free of charge. There is nothing worse than illness spreading throughout the office.

-Cancel an appointment last minute. ALWAYS provide at least 24 hours. Large gaps in the schedule are costly to the company.

Thank you for reading! I appreciate any feedback!



Jenna said...

These are great reminders. I am always at least 10 minutes early to every appointment, 15 if it's a first-time. My husband thought I was crazy, but now he sees the wisdom of my ways!

Nicole... given said...

haha this is awesome

Anonymous said...

about the "trust the person who offers the service" - maybe you can add "Sometimes this person knows more than google." I've had that experience.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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