Saturday we finally moved into our house by the Mesa Temple! I have been so excited and anxious about this move. Most of my family had a conflict on my moving day, so I had to reach out to friends for help. Especially considering I cannot lift much while pregnant! I posted a status on Facebook asking for help moving. I wasn't sure what kind of response I would get, if any. I simply promised donuts. When Saturday arrived I woke up, still not knowing exactly what would happen. I had the whole house pretty much packed up in boxes (thanks Ernest!) and I was ready to go. I was amazed at what happened next. 14 people ended up helping throughout the day. I had more people offer to help, I ended up declining help because we had it all covered! I share this with you because I was so overwhelmed with the kindness of my friends, and some near acquaintances that came to my rescue. What a blessing! Special thank you to Skyler and Jessica for insisting that I cancel my Uhaul reservation and use their truck and trailer instead. I have such wonderful people around me. Also, shout out to Ernest for packing up most of my apartment for my while I was stuck at work. He is so wonderful. 

Yesterday I met with the Pediatric Urologist (FINALLY)! This was the long-awaited appointment to finally make a treatment plan for baby girl. After many ultrasounds the various doctors have nearly narrowed down the problem to kidney reflux. An obstruction of the kidneys is unlikely, because it is in both kidneys. He said her specific case shifted from mild to moderate in severity. He plans to run a couple of tests on her as a newborn to diagnose her officially. Then we will most likely proceed with antibiotics for up to two years to prevent infection while we hope and pray that this condition goes away. If it does not, we'll proceed with surgery to correct the issue. She'll be left with nothing but a small scar on her lower abdomen. It's hard to think of my sweet two year old going under for surgery, but whatever she needs she will get. The good news is that she will be just fine. That's a blessing! 

I have seven weeks until I deliver, assuming I go full term. I had a dream that I delivered two weeks early but maybe that's just wishful thinking. Baby is 4 pounds and the size of a pineapple! At this point in my pregnancy I am feeling pretty good. I could sleep all day/night if my schedule permitted it. By the end of the day walking is painful. I enjoy soaking in a bath or elevating my feet. I have been craving salty things like chips and popcorn. I am excited for my upcoming baby shower that Caitlin has been slaving away on. It is going to be darling. I am also excited to decorate my nursery! Baby girl is already so spoiled. 


Kelsey Bang said...

you are adorable! so excited for you and and soon to be new baby!

Katie said...

You looks awesome! We used to live right be the Mesa temple. Guaranteed good memories with quincineras and all that jazz. I'm so glad that the kidney problem isn't life threatening. Thanks for keeping us updated - reminds me of those pregnant days ;)

Anonymous said...

LOVE your blog (and your house is fabulous!!!). I'm so thrilled to have met you to day. What a crazy world.

Karole said...

I came across a post by Mariah Banks on Instagram and couldn't believe it when I saw you on there. I just wanted to reach out to and tell you that I really do care about you. I only ask that you read this with an open heart and mind. I have thought about you many times over the past couple of years and always wanted the best for you. I'm so happy for you and your little girl. I know she will be perfect!!! You will be a loving, caring, awesome mother! I know we didn't end on the best note, but I hope you know it was because I didn't want to put you in weird situations at work. I will stand by my word and despite what you were told, I NEVER, not ONE time said anything bad you. Seriously, what could I have possibly said when you were a PERFECT employee. I truly loved you as a person and your work ethic was unbelievable. You were always my go to girl!!! I'm sorry if you think I ever wronged you. From the day I met you, I connected with you on a different level. I loved your enthusiastic attitude. Nadia, you are a wonderful person with a heart of gold. I really do care about you. Today in church we talked about the atonement. Part of the atonement is being able to forgive people who have hurt you. I can only pray that you will forgive me for deleting your contact information and for telling you I thought it was best that we didn't talk anymore. I hope you understand it was only because I had your best interest at heart. I wanted you to enjoy your new position at work, and honestly I was so upset with what they had told you, I knew it would just complicate things more if I kept a relationship with you. I only want the best for you and hope that maybe someday we can reconnect. Good luck with everything.
Sincerely, Karole

Karole said...

I just realized you would have no way of getting ahold of me. Not saying you want to, but here's my email kanderson2002@gmail.com 😊