This Saturday, my lovely friend Caitlin, her mom, and my sweet family threw me a baby shower. Caitlin kept most of the details a surprise, so when I walked in to this shower I was amazed by what she had created! All of the crafts done by hand, all of the delicious sweets, it was too much. She themed the shower around some of my favorite colors, rain showers, and baby girls nickname "little bird." Not sure where that came from. Lately I've been thinking maybe we should call her big bird! I am getting huge! It was such a perfect day. Everyone played a part in making this day special. All of the sweets and presents, I could hardly handle it. When all was said and done, my car was filled to the brim with diapers and wipes and tutus to where I could hardly see out my rear-view mirror and I wept! I am so grateful for all of the love and support. And to think, at one point I worried that my baby wouldn't have everything she needed. I have been so blessed. Thank you to Stacie Lang for taking these gorgeous photos of the day. (And also making me laugh so hard that I peed my pants twice). Thank you to my mom for individually wrapping up about 5 dozen Bosa donuts and adorning the packages with pink bows. Thank you to my sisters for bringing sandwiches and drinks and helping with every little thing. Thank you to Caitlin and Camille for hosting! Thank you to all of my friends for coming early, setting up, and spoiling us with gifts. I am the luckiest girl, and little bird is even luckier. 


Kelsey Bang said...

what a perfect day and perfect baby shower! I am so excited for you nadia! you are amazing! cant wait to see little bird :)

Jenna said...

I knew those were Bosas. I can spot them from a mile away! And sadly, we actually live a mile away from a Bosa so I see them more often than anyone should.

Such great pictures! Looks like a beautiful shower.

Kristin said...

It turned out so cute, Nads! You're such a beautiful mama. I can't wait to see pictures of that sweet baby girl!