I'll leave the dying young stuff up to you.

I am so happy today. See that CELEBRATE banner above? I intend to make one like that for my mothers wedding which is Thursday. I cannot belive the day is here. It's so fun to wedding dress shop with my mom and plan her Bachelorette party. Everyone assumes I'm the bride, and I just point to her and smile.
I am also making favors for the guests, (individual bags of hot chocolate), and possibly a table with photos of relatives.
Today I am happy because it contained a photo shoot with Kate Lines. I got to wear several different colorful outfits, I fro'd out my hair, and wore fun china doll makeup. She used a 35mm film camera so we didn't get to see how ANY of the shots turned out! I guess we'll get to see them Saturday. I had such a blast running barefoot through a field laughing. Kate just snapped away.
I'm also happy because Bon Iver is constantly playing in my car and home.
and because I cleaned ALL day. 3:03 am? What do you know. I just cleaned the kitchen.
Farewell "chill" house. Sorry you have to move. Although I love the idea of you boys moving to downtown mesa historic district. Coffee talk, the Temple, citrus trees, mmhmm.
my life is ridiculously simple and lovely.


seesaw designs said...

hey, thanks for your comment. i'll definitely add a link to your blog on our list!

i'm so excited - kate is doing our photos in december.

sarah ann said...

Dear Nadia,

Par-tay tomorrrowwww, hollller.

love you!


m. estelle said...

hooray for happiness, nadia!

YOU are lovely.