p 3 stacie lang! [sick of me yet?]

^ I must caption. This was when stacie told me a funny story about an ex bf because I am a vampire and that's the only way to get a genuine laugh out of me.

^ ^stacie: "give me the best mean smirk a Nadia can give"

^no editing, I'm that pale.
Stacie is so talented. Really, this was all her. Do you ever wonder what my ACUAL credentials are? Because in my head and in my dreams I am a lot of things. Technically though I am an aesthetician, laser technician, makeup artist, and uhh I have a background in reception work and dabbled in real estate with my father.
If you are looking for a good make up artist call me :] I'm fair with prices and I do a fun practice session before the event. And I'm known to include diet coke and paradise chippers with my services.


Mallory & Tim said...

I just left a comment. If I knew you did make professionally I would totally use you! Too bad my shoot is tomorrow!........dang

Caitlin said...

i'd pay for a nadia makeover any day!

kate lines said...


:( feeling better?

{megs in wonderland} said...

you are so beautiful it KILLS ME!!!! everything about that shoot is incredible. your style is the best, EVER.

angela hardison said...

you are gorgeous, and these photos are awesome. wow.